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I have no idea how that will play out, but the end game is assured by nature. This is what always happens. We will not escape this natural phenomenon anymore that we can escape death. I will say this, however. If a certain portion of whites do find their inner tribal feeling and finally band together, that will be one awesome, kick-ass group. People forget how amazing whites can be when they put their mind to something. And that group of whites would be really pissed off.

This is very similar to a story I read recently about the Harvard Medical Center agreeing to remove pictures of previous presidents Because they are all white and replacing them with something else that is multicultural not sure what-nurses, multicultural random group shots, something. The important issue here is not that Laura Ingals Wilder is being removed, or that white successful men successful in terms of the very organization that is displaying their photographs are being removed or, for that matter, that statues of Confederate Generals are being removed.

The significant victory bend the rules for me was already established. We are all vaguely aware that when the Roman Empire fell, it must have done something similar: but I think our sense is that it took a few hundred years to happen. Our civilization is literally crumbing in one generation. It is that there is simply no standard of achievement or behavior that can justifiably be held in opposition to multiculturalism. The Little House books were the last allowable expression of heritage America.

Not even Ellis Island, immigrants-are-the-real-Americans white, but original settler stock still pushing westward.

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In hindsight, they had to come for Laura Ingalls Wilder. This reminds me of Little Big Man, a great novel that portrays natives in a way that rings if truth: smelly, stubborn, gossipy. Great book. She passed this disdain on to me though I recall girls at my school reading them—including the Muslima daughter of some Pakistani muckitymuck! As an adult, I picked up a dogeared copy while working a stint on a farm. Devoured it in one sitting. Picked up another. Same result.

Soon I had tracked down and read all of them. I passed them on to my offspring and the story is hallowed in our family. My eldest fell in love with the books and read them cover to cover, and all of them loved the TV version. Yes, the standing ovation bit got to me too. When will they burn all those films? And Pepe le Pew is probably next to be MeTooed. Pepe, no means no! I follow him to the door where I see Gabe and a couple of the boys from the mill coming up the road with shotguns cradled in their arms.

I wave them off and tell them thanks anyway. Then I watch the guy drive off. I glance down at the pile of newspapers I leave on the outside bench. Around the rock that holds it down I can see where some committee of giraffes has announced that it will recommend the banning of Bugs Bunny cartoons from theaters and the airwaves. The creature, they say, shows a complete disregard for authority and is not fit viewing for children.

I also hear talk about a coming federal campaign against being overweight. Bad health risk, they say. Even more Americans are descended from people who supported themselves on the labor of white indentured workers who were not free to walk away. Many Americans are descended from people who kept serfs in bondage in old Europe. Everyone has slave owners in their background when you go back far enough, even blacks in Africa.

Fortunately, L. Otherwise, it would be purged because Baum once wrote a letter to the editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer advocating for the extermination of the American Indians. Most men are Mary Ann men.

I think glamour, make up and dark nail polish turns them off or something. They are also eradicating the sole inventor of the feature film, DW Griffith from all the history of film courses. I felt it was very bigoted against blondes, especially if they wore their hair in pigtails.

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The anti anti communists had a big 2 minutes hate against Swiss Family Robinson. The idea of one family of mostly boys creating a good life for itself after a shipwreck indicates capitalism and individualism, anathema to liberals. I read a history of the Comanches by T. He describes one incident where a raiding party had made off with some captives. A rescue party gave chase and finally caught up with them and surrounded them on a hill top at dusk. They decided to wait until daylight to attack. The Indians knowing they would die in the morning spent the night raping and torturing their captives.

They were savages what can you say? They put up a better fight to save their land and way of life than we are. The Comanches drove the Mexicans and the Apaches out of Texas and and used the New Mexico and northern Mexican settlements as a source of slaves , livestock and tribute. Just a few years ago Wilder was extolled as a wonderful examplar of a feminist author. She was praised for the book being about girls, not boys on the frontier. Feminazis lived that LHOP characters were girls. Even so, the story of Al Mansur is the story of two warrior opponents clasping hands in honor and friendship.

There is nothing demeaning or racialist in it. The decision was made by a division of the ALA, which consists of white people.

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They fell victim to the machinations of the Coalition of the Right and Left Fringe groups. Built on BOTH the prowess and exploitation of different groups of people, you mean to say. See, if one is going to be accurate and truthful here, one must provide the good AND the bad. Yet, the Irish, Germans, Italians, and Slavs through their hard work and determination read: environmental factors overcame nativist resentment. Remember, ethnic mixing in Europe was generally viewed as undesirable. Caligari , Battleship Potemkin , etc.

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However, the prof did not assign a single film by DW Griffith; the most important director of early cinema is an un-person….. Populations in America change very fast. Then those schools changed to 80 90 percent Hispanic or Asian. So now the non Whites want more changes.

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Maybe naming schools something like north east high or 5st middle might be a way to avoid all these problems. After the father died the entire Austen family was supported by the earnings of 5 of the sons as bankers and navy officers. I think it was Edward He was adopted by the very wealthy Knight family. The couple had no children so Edward was the heir. Edward helped set up his brothers in business and get promotions in the Navy. Some of their money came from their Mansfield Park estate in England.

They did own a business in Antigua. The book did not claim the business was a plantation, just called it business affairs in Antigua. The father of the Mansfield Park family, Sir Thomas Bertram had to travel to Antigua for 2 years because of the war of It was a plot device to get the stern father away so the young people could get in trouble while he was gone.

Two examples: 1. About this, the author of the blog post says,. His choice ought to be respected. Ironically, that means that some flamboyant homosexuals believe I need conversion therapy. What a world. I have not been converted to being straight, nor do I think I could be. But I HAVE chosen to be single and non-sexual, and that choice has made me more content then ever before. The issue with the Irish and Germans was their religion not their race or nationality. Protestant Irish and Germans were welcomed without issue.

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Exactly what nativists thought when the Irish, Germans, Poles, and later Italians came crashing through our gates. And guess what? Should we have immigration restrictions?