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It was almost eerily similar to the archetypal situation ethicists often ponder: If a self-driving car came across a woman with a baby, a bicyclist and an elderly woman, whom would it risk hitting? In this case, nothing happened — again, a great outcome. Later on the road, a pickup truck swerved into our lane and the Google car fairly smoothly and just slightly veered left to avoid it.

Man drives record 3 million miles in the same 1966 Volvo

While it might seem table stakes for any car experience, this is a major feat for a fully self-driving car to navigate complex environments without having to disengage a single time, even if there are safety drivers in place in case a human is needed to take over. But in the face of obstacles human drivers often encounter, the robot car handled itself efficiently and the safety drivers never had to take the wheel. Two million miles in more than seven years is a lot. According to a Google spokesperson, the average human only drives 13, miles a year.

Million Mile Drivers

We're at Google taking a look at their autonomous car with their head of self-driving technology. Ask questions!

In the first few miles, Google operated on freeways and the car was simply gathering fresh intel, learning about the environment and figuring out how to recognize and navigate around objects. Then, the company worked on getting the cars to understand how those objects behave in normal situations to teach the the car how it should react. And when one car experiences it, all of its cars experiences it through the cloud.

Woman Drives Hyundai Elantra a Million Miles – Gets Gifted a New One

But while driving experience is irreplaceable, no single company can experience all the edge cases a car will ever encounter. So, though initially the task was simply to get the car to drive, now the task is to make the car more human.

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According to a Fortune Magazine report, truck accidents have resulted in around 4, traffic deaths per year during the past several years. About BR Williams: With humble beginnings back in , BR Williams has grown into an award-winning supply chain management company servicing all 48 contiguous states and Canada.

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  • Are you ready to work with the best in the industry? And all but the most short haul of lorry drivers are likely to deplete a mile battery capacity in a single day. He tested a new kind of lithium-ion battery pouch that contained graphite. Conventional batteries are usually cylindrical. The study found that batteries kept at 20 degrees Celsius lost only four per cent of their capacity after being completely recharged 3, times over 2.

    After two million miles, Google’s robot car now drives better than a 16-year-old

    Kept at full charge and stored at 20 degrees Celsius the batteries lost none of their capacity over 1. They performed slightly less well at higher temperatures, losing three per cent of their capacity when being stored for 1. This would be particularly useful for vehicle-to-grid applications, where electric vehicles connected to the energy supply can drip-feed energy back to the grid when demand and energy prices are high, says Bailey.

    This would let electric vehicles charge up their vehicles when electricity is cheap — overnight, for example — and then sell any excess charge back to the grid during moments of peak demand.

    And for Tesla, positioning itself at the forefront of battery technology is obviously a big business advantage.