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Mad Men is back / Roger Sterling / The rogue with all the best lines the sass of Joan and Peggy, but for most Mad Men fans I know, Roger is the one. . Salma Hayek / Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too · The Handmaid's.

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Most of the guys have typical patriarchal opinion:. Promiscuated bitches. It is all the reflection of the frustrated nation such is American. It is good because for the first time we can see the similar situations which we are facing in the real time on TV.

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All generations of both sexes watch them. They are described as entertaining and funny. Also, some of the humoristic soaps are critical towards society. Laughing to the situations which characters are facing feels like laughing to the reality in which we live.

That is gratifying, from psychotherapeutic point. Finally, we reach "X Files", "Millenium", "Homocide" kind of soaps. These soaps are dealing with so to say "dark sides" of life They are usually watched by younger population which finds them more intelligent comparing with "Spanish" soaps. Unlike soap operas especially hispanoamerican , sport is a program segment connected with males.

The most popular are collective sports such are football, volleyball, handball, basketball. One of the named reasons is because these sports were practiced since boyhood. Since I was a kid I went on sports matches and I like playing basketball and football here on the playground. Nowadays, I watch only sports on television especially collective sports. I am a football freak because it's thrilling to watch 22 players running all over meters long playground and trying to score a goal.

I watch sports. Collective sports. Also, Formula 1, recently I found it interesting… Well, you can see, playground is near my home and since I was a kid I spent quite a lot of time there playing with my mates. I like watching football because I enjoy green color which dominates the screen. Apart from that, football is the single kind of sports where match can end with the result and there are so many combinations and opportunities, more than in any other sport.


I watch only collective sports except volleyball because there is no direct contact between players. I think that running against time in sports such is athletic is pointless. One can truly compete with others only if there is a physical contact with the others. I think that it is a consequence of my patriarchal upbringing in Bosnia.

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However, key for understanding the masculinity of football is deeply rooted in patriarchal society in the area filled with wars and group conflicts group competing with other group. Football is definitely the most popular sport. It is traditionally considered as a male sport.

According to Duke and Corelly,.

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It does that via reinforcement of gender roles on two levels - physic and moral - and this plays part in contributing to historical patterns of male empowerment and female disadvantages. Football improves qualities such are competition, aggressiveness, etc which are the qualities traditionally considered as a male qualities. Also, physical strength, speed, and? Psychically or physically strong female is still often seen as unfeminine or bull dyke.

Football causes very intensive identification with the team. I always say, rather flippantly, but it's not a million miles from truth, that football supplies many of the requirements that other people seek and find in religion, with the difference that you can actually see the truth of it being demonstrated on the pitch every Saturday afternoon, and that is enormously gratifying.

John Peel, DJ, quoted according to G. Finn, It is quite often that the guys watch the match together at homes, in front of local stores, booking places, etc. Many guys told me that the females are not welcomed to join.

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I also had the opportunity to check it myself - because in few occasions I was un politely asked to leave before the match started or told not to come until the match is finished. Girls are bad luck. They keep asking questions and ruin the atmosphere. You spend half of the match explaining them the rules and stuff. I watch sports with my mates, but recently I do it rarely because I don't have much free time.

We watch it in front of the store. We place TV set and chairs outdoors, drink rakija or beer and make comments and cheer. These joint watching plays important role in confirming the group identity because they reinforce group ties and integrity of the group itself. Females usually don't have any interest in watching football matches and the only exceptions are the matches of national team.

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Importance of the matches of national team, however, is based on the imroving national identity and the place which a nation have in comparing with others. In the decade of crisis news is the most important segment of TV program. Politics, economy, events in the country and abroad, cultural events, sports and weather forecast are the plot of the news shows.

That is, news covers everything which is significant for everyday life. Digested stories about the events in country and abroad make them inevitable…. Starting from 7 o'clock in the evening. Of course, if my parents come earlier from their jobs then they watch Belgrade chronicles to check out what is going on in town, then we have diner while TV is on in the background with more news.

It is irritating for me. I spent all my youth listening news. Before that we don't watch TV. News are No1. My parents watch news on Studio B and sometimes the end of Dnevnik just to see "how do they lie". According to the research of Media Center number of viewers drastically increases at when Dnevnik 2 on RTS 1 starts that is the most important news show and then decrease when it is over. There are almost no differences comparing the period before and after 5 th of October According to most of my informants, informating is not objective at all, it's almost like a make up which changed.

I don't think that reporting is more objective nowadays. Still one can hear news on Studio B or B92 but altogether it is still controlled, like elsewhere in the world. How it would look like if people could see the truth? Medias by default are manipulative. Informing is not objective at all because journalists are trying to get into guest's ass.

I don't think that the news shows are more objective than they were previously. The people i know, as well as myself, watch news rarely nowadays probably because situation is more stabile and secure. From one side people enjoy watching his suffering while others glorify him.

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This other option is even worse because it reflects the short memory syndrom in Serbian population. BK and B92 are the only TV stations which have a decent information and politics program. B92 gets money from abroad and they have to frollow some instructions from their donors. BK is currently the most objective and independent. I came to this conclusion becauase I compare the news which I see and real life and so far BK fitted the best with real life. The difference is: news tell the stories more relevant to nowadays, stories which may influence quite near future. They are most recent by the end of the day because they summarize the day ending with something which will happen tomorrow weather forecast, at least. House, as a family basis, is, as Morley pointed, leisure place for males and working place for females it doesn't matter whether they are employed or not. There are few sectors within a house: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, etc.

We shall stop in the living room, as a center of joint activities in the family.