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Mad Men is back / Roger Sterling / The rogue with all the best lines the sass of Joan and Peggy, but for most Mad Men fans I know, Roger is the one. . Salma Hayek / Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too · The Handmaid's.

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It all begins with chemistrya magnetic attraction between two people that, if they are lucky enough, eventually transforms into love. In Search with the Heart, poet Leda McIntyre celebrates the many faces of this spectacular phenomenon, filled with moments of hope and longing, joy and anxiety, and the everyday blessings of trust and forgiveness. Anyone who has ever been in love has certainly felt some or all of the accompanying, sweeping emotionsdesire, wistfulness, happiness, sorrow, and compassion. In her first compilation of poetry, McIntyre offers the inspirational, touching poems she has previously given as gifts tucked into luggage, mailed with cards, and folded in lunch bags.

With an invitation to share the poems with the loves of their lives, McIntyre lyrically encourages others to reflect on deep feelings that make us all choose and believe in love despite its risks and uncertainties. Search with the Heart is a poignant collection of verse that honestly explores a passionate, often complex feeling, ultimately reminding all of us how important it is to experience love in our lives. It contains material by Machen and critical essays on his work.

The Ghost Story Society was formed in to provide admirers of the classic ghost story with an outlet for their interest, and membership of the Society now numbers more than four hundred worldwide. The Society offers members an opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas through regular publication of its journal, All Hallows, which now averages two hundred pages per issue and contains fiction, articles, and letters concerning ghost stories past and present.

A Ghostly Company, a literary society devoted to the ghost story in all forms, was created in to take up the slack left by the Ghost Story Society, which moved to Canada. It sponsors regular meetings and informal gatherings in the U.

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The British Fantasy Society has existed for over thirty-five years in order to promote and enjoy the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and horror in all its forms. Members receive a copy of Prism, the organization's news magazine, with book and games reviews, an events column, and the occasional article.

They also receive the dark fantasy fiction magazine, Dark Horizons, and all BFS special publications. New Horizons edited by Andrew Hook is a new, sister publication to Dark Horizons, and will be publishing fantasy. Horror Writers Association is a useful organization that exists to "promote and protect the careers of professional horror writers and those seeking to enter their ranks, while at the same time using its best endeavors to raise the profile of the horror genre in the publishing industry and among readers in general. Rue Morgue, edited by Jovanka Vuckovic, is a monthly media magazine covering horror in all its bloody glory with the still photos to prove it , but in between the gore there are often thoughtful articles and columns.

In the magazine did major features on Sweeney Todd, with an interview with director Tim Burton, a history of the various theatrical productions, and an article about the London neighborhood in which Sweeney supposedly flourished. One issue was dedicated to vampires, showcasing the brilliant Swedish Let the Right One In by interviewing both the director, Tomas Alfredson, and the author of the novel, John Ajvide Lindqvist.

Another issue was dedicated to celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Famous Monsters of Filmland and its creator Forrest J. Fangoria, edited by Anthony Timpone, is a monthly media magazine covering both big and small budget horror productions, the grislier the better. It features columns on film news, DVD releases, video games, and books. All monsters all the time. And guilty of bad punning throughout. The articles are less varied and lightweight compared to those in Rue Morgue. Video Watchdog, a bi-monthly edited by Tim Lucas, is one of the most exuberant film magazines around, and is one of my favorites, because I'm usually inspired to watch or re-watch at least one movie they review in every issue.

The magazine is invaluable for the connoisseur of trashy, pulp, and horror movies and enjoyable for just about everyone. The magazine runs regular columns by Ramsey Campbell and Douglas E. Weird Tales edited by Ann VanderMeer continues to reinvent itself with attractive and quirky cover art and design and some lively nonfiction. Pugmire and M.

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Snyder, and a novella by Michael Moorcock. Grant tribute, published two years after his death, and most of the book reviews over two years old. This is not promising-there was also only a single issue published in In 's 58, there were interviews with Stephen Graham Jones, T. Klein, David Morrell, and Robert Masello, plus written tributes to Grant and a reprint of one of his stories. The original stories in the issue were a mixed bag, with the most interesting by Sarah Monette, Karen Heuler, and Ian Rogers.

The publisher promises to get back on track in Black Static edited by Andy Cox brought out six excellent issues in , with most of the fiction good to excellent-twenty-two stories received honorable mentions-plus a generous number of movie and book reviews and some author profiles. Daniel Kaysen's "The Rising River" is reprinted herein.

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Ward, and Stone Franks. This is a British magazine that could really use your support if you enjoy weird supernatural fiction. It's a perfect-bound magazine that looks like an anthology and contains fiction and poetry with good-looking cover and interior art. Shroud edited by Timothy P. Deal is a new bi-monthly magazine publishing dark fiction and featuring interviews with author Brian Keene and dark artist Mike Pucciarelli.

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There are also book and movie reviews. Not One of Us edited by John Benson continues to publish unusual, often dark fiction. There were two issues out in , a special one-off called Home and Away, and the first in a planned annual series of chapbooks, Follow the Wounded One by Mike Allen. Dark Discoveries edited by James R. Beach is meant to be a quarterly, but so far has only been published twice a year since Original fiction, reviews, interviews. There was a very good story by Tim Lebbon in Something Wicked edited by Joe Vaz is a very promising science fiction and horror quarterly now in its second year, being published in South Africa.

Faulkner, and Jonathan C. Midnight Echo issue 1 edited by Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mondis will be a semi-annual showcase for dark fantasy and horror, with a revolving team of editors, and published under the auspices of the Australian Horror Writers Association. However, submissions are open to everyone. There will be a series of interviews with new Australian writers in each issue. Realms of Fantasy edited by Shawna McCarthy is a bi-monthly that sometimes publishes dark fantasy and occasionally even horror. The Edwards is reprinted herein. The magazine features a regular, always erudite column on "folk roots," plus book and movie reviews, and a gallery of beautiful samples of fantastic art with text by Karen Haber.

Zahir edited by Sheryl Tempchin is published three times a year. The spring issue had a minimal amount of horror in its seven stories but the summer issue had notable dark fiction by Matthew David Brozik, Sarah Odishoo, and Daniel Brugioni. Postscripts is a well-designed quarterly published by Peter Crowther and edited by Nick Gevers. Russell, T. Wright, and William Alexander. Fictitious Force edited by Jonathan Laden is a quarterly magazine of "speculative fiction," encompassing science fiction, fantasy, and occasionally horror.

The best horror in was by Aliette de Bodard. Walton, Robin S. The LeMoal is reprinted herein. Aurealis edited by Stuart Mayne is a long-time fixture in Australia with mixed-genre fiction. Although the copyright page of 40 says , the issue actually came out in with seven stories, a science article, and book reviews. Space and Time edited by Hildy Silverman is a quarterly mix of science, fiction, and horror prose and poetry.

Talebones edited by Patrick Swenson is a well-produced perfect-bound digest-sized magazine that showcases science fiction and dark fantasy stories and poetry. Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, edited by an Australian cooperative, published six issues in Shimmer edited by Beth Wodzinski regularly publishes a variety of good fiction, including some dark material.

There were notable darker stories in the spring issue by Tinatsu Wallace, M. Hobson, Joy Marchand, and Angela Slatter. The Art issue, specially edited by art director Mary Robinette Kowal, asked four writers to produce fiction inspired by the art selected for the issue.

There was an especially good dark story in this issue, also by Slatter. Crimewave 10 edited by Andy Cox returns after skipping a year, and the new issue is excellent, with consistently strong stories, especially those by Simon Avery and Daniel Kaysen. Midnight Street edited by Trevor Denyer brought out two issues in , with reviews, poetry, interviews, and notable dark fiction by Simon Bestwick, Andrew Humphrey, and Joel Lane.

Lee, Richard Mueller, M. Rickert, James Stoddard, and Steven Utley.

MacLeod, Lawrence Person, S. Somtow, and Elizabeth Bear charming and not horrific but Lovecraftian. Strange Horizons showcases reviews and nonfiction columns and essays in addition to fiction. Apex Science Fiction and Horror edited by Jason Sizemore is a monthly online webzine with consistently readable fiction. Vandemark, and Lavie Tidhar. Rickert, and Catherynne M.

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Lone Star Stories edited by Eric T. Marin runs an interesting mix of material and in had a notable dark story by Samantha Henderson, and good dark poetry by Elizabeth Bear and Elizabeth Hand. McSweeney's 27 edited by Dave Eggers had a facsimile notebook by Art Spiegelman, a small book titled Lots of Things Like This, created to accompany an art show and consisting of art from the show, plus a book of fives stories and one very effective suspense novella by Stephen King.

There was a good dark poem by JoSelle Vanderhooft. Mythic Delirium, edited by Mike Allen, publishes two issues a year. In there was an excellent dark poem by JoSelle Vanderhooft. Dreams and Nightmares, edited by David C. Kopaska-Merkel, has been publishing two or three issues annually since January Crow's horror poetry has consistently received Honorable Mentions from me over the years.