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Mad Men is back / Roger Sterling / The rogue with all the best lines the sass of Joan and Peggy, but for most Mad Men fans I know, Roger is the one. . Salma Hayek / Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too · The Handmaid's.

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And they were willing to do this with a gun. He was arrested two times and charged with stealing when he was a young man.

American frontier -The Gunslingers of Wild West - Documentary FIlms

However, he later became a deputy United States marshal, a law officer. On July fourth, eighteen eighty-eight, a man named Ed Prather began shooting his gun in the street in Farmer City, Kansas. People ran away in fear. Tilghman made him stop. Prather left the street angry and went into a drinking place. He began drinking alcohol and making threats. Later, Tilghman went into the drinking place looking for Prather. Prather put his hand on the gun he was carrying.

Tilghman told him to move his hand away from the gun.

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When he did not obey, Bill Tilghman pulled out his gun and shot Ed Prather two times. He died immediately.

6 Famous Outlaws of the Wild, Wild West

He served in many other towns. Often, all he had to do was walk into a room to stop a fight. Outlaws feared and obeyed him. Most criminals stayed away from a town where Bill Tilghman was the marshal. Bill Tilghman was shot to death on November first, nineteen twenty-four. He was trying to arrest a man who had been drinking too much alcohol. He was seventy years old and still working as the marshal of Cromwell, Oklahoma.

His life had lasted exactly the seventy years of the American Wild West.

Cowboys & Outlaws

He served as a marshal in Tombstone, Arizona. He took part in one of the most famous gunfights in American history -- the gunfight at the OK Corral. Wyatt Earp was once asked how to win a gunfight. He said a good gunfighter took his time. He said he had to go into action as quickly as possible -- as fast as he could move. But then he should take his time with the shooting. He said a successful gunfighter could not let fear or anything else force him to shoot too soon and miss the target. Missing the target could get him killed.

Wyatt Earp was very successful. He was only wounded once in a gunfight. He is one of the few successful gunfighters who lived to old age. He died in nineteen twenty-nine. He was eighty-one years old. Was it one of the famous lawmen? Was it Bill Tilghman, or perhaps Wyatt Earp? Or was it one of the outlaws?

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  5. Maybe it was the famous bank robber Jesse James or an extremely dangerous gunman named John Wesley Hardin. The Duke, whose inherent air of authority worked to his favor when he played older characters, found one of his most indelible roles as retiring officer Nathan Brittles. The highest compliment one could pay Eastwood and Unforgiven is that no one even thought to ask. Most people discovered Tombstone after it went to video. He wore a black mask and a white hat, a confusing combination.

    But children always knew he was a friend. The inspired teaming of a cowboy and an Indian was a paradigm of racial harmony. Subsequent versions appeared in and , and a TV series debuted in and ran for nine years. The western was in trouble in the s, so when Blazing Saddles rode into theaters, fans wondered if it signified a genre revival or the last nail in its coffin. Ten years later, it was still the highest-grossing western in history.

    Moviegoers were used to seeing the U. Cavalry ride to the rescue, battle trumpets blaring. John Ford wanted to take a more in-depth look at a typical regiment; the day-to-day work of soldiers in remote outposts, their personal lives, and how they cope with the constant threat of attack.

    The 10 Deadliest Wild West Gunfighters

    Can a man who lives by the law of the gun walk a more enlightened path? Quirt Evans John Wayne , on the vengeance trail, must choose between killing the man who murdered his father and settling down with a sweet farm girl played by Gail Russell, the hottest Quaker babe in movies. An underrated entry in the Wayne canon. Crowd-pleasing comedy that resonated with middle-aged baby boomers. Palance won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, and a calf named Norman became the most beloved bovine since Ferdinand.

    The corporate cowboys in the television series Dallas rode around in Mercedes-Benz coupes and held their showdowns in glass and steel skyscrapers. Not exactly a traditional Western, but beneath the soap-opera excess, the Ewings were ranchers who fought among themselves but always circled the wagons against an outside threat.

    But J. Ewing was the most famous cowboy in America for more than a decade, and when he was shot the whole world wondered whodunit. Another intense psychological drama from Stewart and Anthony Mann. A gadget-filled train, a megalomaniacal dwarf, and Robert Conrad in very tight pants. One rerun will expunge any memory of the awful movie of the same name. But The Man From Snowy River captured the mythic spirit of the West as well as any homegrown product has, perhaps because it was based on a revered Australian legend.

    Snowy River made those scenes inspiring again. Critics shrugged; audiences fell in love.

    With the exception of its opening sequences, The Ox-Bow Incident was shot almost entirely with painted backdrops and artificially created light and shadow. The closed-in feeling suits this dark story of a lynching of innocents and its repercussions among the town folk. In their final collaboration, Stewart hunts down the men who sold guns to the Apaches, resulting in the death of his brother.

    If Shakespeare had written a western tragedy, it might have looked like this. Moody and very dark, more film noir than horse opera, with Robert Mitchum as a long-haired drifter caught between warring ranchers and homesteaders. Mitchum, a shifty character in any setting, plays moral relativism so well that even when he does the right thing, you still don't trust him.

    Gone With the Wind , western-style. Melodramatic, over-the-top, and just plain trashy — but in a good way. Too bad moviegoers preferred to watch him fighting dirty apes in another film. A companion piece to High Noon , with a more charismatic villain. A tense psychological drama. The climactic gunfight is a knockout. Sometimes magic happens by accident. El Dorado seemed an exercise in going through the motions; an unofficial finale to a trilogy of Howard Hawks westerns Rio Bravo and Rio Lobo came first all starring John Wayne, in which the stories were more or less interchangeable.

    But Wayne, Robert Mitchum, and James Caan play the familiar material with a wink to each other and to the audience that is irresistible. No one played the reluctant hero better than James Garner, whose easygoing charm fit perfectly in this delightful comedy.

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    A Chicago hotel clerk bails a cowboy out of debt, in exchange for a job on his next cattle drive. With his steely-eyed stare and one of the most commanding screen presences of all time, Clint Eastwood is a true American icon to film fans everywhere. This powerful, must-have collection showcases Clint Eastwood in some of the toughest and most unforgettable roles of his career.