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The Queen is about to celebrate the new currency she has ordered when the body of a dead waterman is discovered with coins on his eyes.

The Lady Grace Mysteries: Assassin

The three friends are soon embroiled in a dangerous quest that uncovers illicit dealings at the heart of the Royal mint itself and leads to the unmasking of the fawning courtier, Sir Edward Latimer, as chief counterfeiter. This is a charming series written in the form of Lady Grace's confidences to her 'Daybooke', which is gathering a quiet fan-base among girls in particular. It combines historical thriller with a light dressing of historical fact in the form of a brief afterword on Tudor times, together with a glossary of Tudor English.

Kasonsomelera By Lady Grace

The mischievous and incorrigibly curious Lady Grace is an engaging heroine whose adventures in Deception involve a number of wild goose-chases, each revealing different aspects of Elizabethan London, before the real villain is unmasked. I recommend it for ages But if you have decided to read this you should definitely suggest reading the first ones in the series. The books go in alphabetical order Assassin, Betrayal, Conspiracy ect.

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