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Edited by Jill Blackmore , Jane Kenway.

1. Feminist Ethics: Historical Background

This introductory text brings the somewhat gender blind fields of educational administration and policy into contact with feminism. The chapters here demonstrate the considerable scope and potential of feminist scholarship for the field with regard to theory, research…. By Kathleen Casey. This book shows, through the oral histories of ordinary women teachers, that effective prescriptions for change do not come simply from policy-makers.

The author focuses on the narratives of three groups of teachers in the USA: Catholic nuns; secular Jewish women; and…. Edited by Carol Cassell , Pamela M.

2. Themes in feminist ethics

This book describes a variety of ways to plan and implement sexuality education and provides in-depth information on resources available. Each contributor describes one aspect of the practice of sexuality education: its goals, theory, planning and development,…. Edited by Karlene Faith. Edited by David H. This volume brings together articles by Gail Paradise Kelly spanning a twenty-year period. It represents an aspect of the history of the feminist movement as related to education.

By Christine Heward. Originally published in , this book analyses the effect of public boarding school on those boys who grew to manhood under its influence.

By Mary Hughes , Mary Kennedy. This book explores issues around education for women and uses the British experience as an example of what adult education in its variety can offer to women in breaking traditional moulds. The text raises questions about where women are, where they might be, and how….

By David H. Kelly , Gail P. It contains annotations for about published works in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. By Julia Evetts. This study investigates the experiences of women in primary teaching and examines the levels of promotion achieved by men and women in the profession. This book is concerned with the secondary school as it developed since the Education Act.

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  • Routledge Library Editions: Education and Gender.

The author points out the strengths and weaknesses and makes suggestions for their improvement. This is the first volume in a trilogy which compares co-educational and single-sex schools. This volume…. This second volume in this three-part set examines specific aspects of social relationships within the school and demonstrates that co-educational and single-sex schools are fundamentally different communities.

These volumes examine in detail the social and…. This final volume in the trilogy is concerned primarily with comparing the academic progress made by pupils of near-equal ability in the two types of school.

Routledge Library Editions: Education 1800-1926

It considers attainment in different subjects but also attitudes to different subjects and then follows up with…. Edited by Madeleine Arnot , Gaby Weiner.

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The perspectives, research methods and strategies adopted by researchers and teachers to investigate gender and education have been diverse and contradictory. This book provides an overview of developments and analyses the range of policy responses to the issues of sex…. Edited by Gaby Weiner , Madeleine Arnot. This book addresses a reappraisal of the processes of gender development and its social and educational consequences.

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It provides examples of key research topics and methods used for the exploration of gender and education and suggests direction for further inquiry. Edited by Gilah C.

1st Edition

Leder , Shirley N. Crenshaw expounds on intersectionality through the lens of personal narrative.

Schooling for Women's Work by Rosemary Deem | Waterstones

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