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Applications can also be made over fax or email. The applicant will, need to send the application fee. The Securities and Exchange Board of India will take up the application for consideration, as required under the Act, only after the application fee has been received. Shri G.

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SEBI will, within 30 days of receipt of the application for information along with the fee of Rs. If SEBI has the information and can provide it to you it will, within 30 days of its receiving the application along with the fee of Rs. As such, SEBI is obliged to provide information to members of public. The site is updated regularly and all the information released by SEBI is also simultaneously made available on the website.

The information published in public domain include the following:. It mainly caters to staff members of SEBI. It is also open to academic research scholars, subject to prior permission. Right to Information Act View Details.

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Right to Information View Details. Who can ask for information? View Details. Who will give Information? How Do I send my Application? Where Do I send my Request?

Right to Information

Patricia Crasto, Secretary at - Nehru Bridge Ashram Road, Ahmedabad Road, Indore M. Treasa Kuriala Asst. At what stage will I have to pay the cost?

When will I get the Information? You will get the information, once SEBI receives the payment towards providing the information. Preamble View Details. The information published in public domain include the following: Acts, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, Circulars, etc. This publication is a major initiative by the Reserve Bank aimed at improving data dissemination by providing a useful storehouse of statistical information at one place.

Database on Indian Economy. This site also allows the visitor to cull out the data and use it for research. State Finances. A Study of State Budgets, this publication provides a comprehensive analytical assessment of the finances of the State Governments. Consolidated data of all State Governments are analysed in addition to State-wise analysis to draw policy implications. Statistical Tables relating to Banks in India. This annual publication contains comprehensive data relating to the commercial banking sector.

It covers balance sheet information as well as performance indicators of each commercial bank in India including those registered abroad. The data are presented bank group-wise and state-wise.

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Basic Statistical Returns. Yet another data-oriented publication, this annual presents comprehensive data on number of offices, employees, deposits and credit as per occupation of scheduled commercial banks. One of the features of this publication is that region-wise, state-wise and district-wise information is made available to the public.

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Macroeconomic and Monetary Developments. This data-oriented publication gives data on deposits and credit of scheduled commercial banks for each quarter. The data compiled from bank returns are presented center-wise, state-wise, population group-wise and bank group-wise. The publication is available for the quarters ending March, June, September and December in the month after the end of the quarter.

RBI Bulletin. This is a monthly publication released in the first week of every month. The Bulletin publishes analytical articles based on data collected by the Reserve Bank often specifically for the purpose. The speeches are useful in improving the understanding of the central bank's policies. Other useful inclusions in the Bulletin are important press releases and circulars issued by different departments of the Reserve Bank and data relating to economy, finance and banking. Often, significant reports released by the Reserve Bank including the Annual Report and the Report on Trend and Progress of Banking in India are issued as supplements to this monthly publication.

Monetary and Credit Information Review. This is a monthly four-page periodical aimed at operational level bankers.

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The periodical summarises important circulars issued by the central bank during the month. It is published between 1st and 5th of every month. This publication presents the weekly balance sheet of the Reserve Bank and other developments relating to financial, commodity and bullion markets. This is published on every Friday at 5 pm. Press Releases. The Reserve Bank releases through its daily press releases data on money market operations and reference rates for four major currencies, namely, the US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and the Japanese Yen.

The press releases are also issued on other issues that may be of general public interest such as important banking regulations, new currency notes, rejection or cancellation of certificate of registration of non-banking finance companies, status of urban cooperative banks, etc. Occasional Papers. This is published once in four months and carries research papers presented by the professional staff of the Reserve Bank.

The publication reflects the views of the authors. The Occasional Papers are being published thrice a year from onwards. DRG Studies. These are research studies conducted by external experts in India in collaboration with the internal staff members of the Reserve Bank. The Development Research Group is a forum that institutionalises participation of external expertise in in-house research. Besides these, the Reserve Bank also publishes reports of committees set up by it for feedback and for wider dissemination of information. The Reserve Bank brings out occasional booklets to familiarise the general public about the facilities available to them mainly in the area of foreign exchange.

The Reserve Bank of India has instituted three annual lectures.

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Two of these commemorate past Governors of the Reserve Bank and one a noted monetary economist. All the information released by the Reserve Bank is also simultaneously made available on the website in pdf and Word formats.

The data are provided in excel format. The site is updated several times a day. In keeping with its objective of bringing in greater transparency in its decision making process, the Reserve Bank is committed to releasing more and more information in public domain. Disclosure Policy. Disclosure Log. The Reserve Bank of India also places all the information it releases in response to the requests received under the Right to information Act, on its website, if, in its view, the information could be of general public interest.