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A woman running down the street with her children, a car is in fire at the end of the block. All 3 of them look me in the eye and ask me to be quiet. I run outside to help but she was already fully engulfed in flames. The children are screaming and by the time I get to her I know there is nothing I can do and immediately woke up.

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I get the feeling they were running away from something other than the fire on the car, the family seemed middle eastern and may of been running away from bad people. The dream starts by me tossing random scrabble pieces out of the window and watching people pick them up.

It was full nightmare and I am almost scared to fall back asleep. This was the most disturbing feeling I have ever had and more like reality than any other dream I ever had. Had a dream where i was walking down a tunnel that was on fire over my head. As i walked faces of loved ones would appear through the fire. I felt calm as i walked and was never afraid. I reached the end and there was a hole in the ground, like a well. I looked down and there were blue flames at the bottom coincidentally im a gas fitter and natural gas burns blue. I jumped down the well and woke before i hit bottom.

I had a dream where ants were setting my house on fire??? The building was on fire inside and my co workers were banging on the windows trying to escape. I was in shock and panic thinking how the hell did I get out of there and they are still trapped? I could have been helping them the whole time but was taking a walk instead.

I was trying to climb a structure so I could throw some sort of rope to a certain co worker Alex. He had broken a window on the top story and it was too far to jump.

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When I got to the top of the structure near by parallel to the school I tried to balance on the top and prepared to throw the rope. The top tilted and I slid down failing to help him. I went to the bottom story and tried braking windows, I saw people inside coughing and fanning away smoke with their jackets. I never thought in the moment people could escape from there.

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The windows were too thick to break so I started digging threw the wall. This is the weird part. When I finally broke threw to the other side it was clear of fire, clear of smoke, in fact there had never been a fire or smoke and the people inside were having a good time smiling and talking to eachother leaning over a kitchen counter.. There were 4 people I think and the walls were white. Most everything in the kitchen was white and everyones hair was brown. I remember being really confused and then it was over.

I often feel trapped in dreams.

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The fact that you feel trapped could mean that you feel out of control in your life. As I said I am not an expert so please forgive me if I am off. The dream world can be so fascinating in many different ways. Happy dreaming:. I am not a dream therapist. But since you asked for a feedback I will tell you my thoughts on your dream. Since you were able to escape a burning building and help others you thought were in danger but were not tells me that you are a very generous person surrounded by tricky people.

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The actual and scientic reason behind your dreams is…. I had a dream that I locked my neighbor in her bathroom and set her house on fire with her in it. I think I felt pretty good about it.

Why am I dreaming about fire every night now. This signifies …. I m not wrong but your neighbour lady…. My 7 year grand daughter keeps dreaming our house is on fire and she has to sleep with us because her pap and gran is the only ones that can save her, she wakes up about am and comes to our room what does this mean? I had a dream my own house was on fire, it was pretty weird and scary.

So there was a knock on the door and a lady came inside. So my family and I started to pack everything frantically, and we were almost done.

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But then she said too late… she pressed this button which started the fire in 5 seconds. Then I woke up. What does this even mean? This is not weird this signifies…that in future u and your family…will shift to new house.. This employee left and got another job but is claiming unfair dismissal and harassment while at work which are both untrue. This ex-employee is just out to get back at me, she is just looking easy money.

I dreamt it was me on fire. I did not feel scared but then the flames got higher n the burning was intenseified i could feel my body burnin.

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I was watching my body burn.. I dreamed I had some kind of power in my hands to start a fire without any matches or lighters.. Felt pretty good about it. I had dream about my own house burning and suddenly gone with no reason and build automatic nice house while me along with my family was out of the house….. I am just amazed my dream. If your old house disappeared and you have a new better house, it could mean you are about to face a nice upgrade in life. I dreamt that I accidentally set a tv on fire and it was flaming high, I grabbed a box of salt and it put it out.

I was trying to get people out of my house before that that were unwelcome. When I ripped off the garland lettering decor, the screen ripped off and for some reason started a fire in the power of the tv. So I immediately went into the cabinet and found the salt and threw it into the fire and it was put out. I felt I was in control of the fire. I slept a total of 10 hours through this dream. I woke up feeling it was real. Very lucid. Could we be in another world when dreaming?

I dreamt that a room in my house got completely burnt down. Nothing could be salvaged.

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  • As I enter the room, I saw that only wardrobes and book shelves were inside but no bed. When I asked my wife what happened, she said the fire started from the window and that she called me but did not hear her calls. What might be the meaning? See almost all the houses around me on fire with electricity as part of the flames i think lightning caused it and worrying about my home living with my parents in a wooded area..

    Only most of the trees were fine if I recall right only the houses.

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    Another part as I traveled to my families house to check on it was I saw several crows or Ravens or something with dark colors maybe a dark deep blue on fire flying normally with their skeletons partly visible. No sign of pain mind you. I dub them cinderbirds. I had 2 fire dreams in 1 night, in both I was scared. Then in the next dream I was with my boyfriend at a park and someone had vandalized all the play things and I wanted to play so I started to fix everything so just as it was fixed hot ashes and flames were falling from the sky so everyone started running and we saw some berries so we stopped to eat them and managed to stay away from the flames.

    My father dreamt that he saw my late mother and a family member also deceased roasted on fire.