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The best nail shapes for your long and wide fingers, would be the oval and almond. These two shapes will give the illusion that your fingers are slimmer.

Rule #1: Be polite to your manicurist.

Any nail shape would match with long and slim fingers. However, the perfect nail shapes for long and slim fingers, are square and squoval nail shapes.

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Square nails give the slim hands an edgy and elegant look, giving the illusion that your hands are a bit wider. Squoval nails are basically the same thing as square nails, but with finer and oval edges.

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I personally belong to this category of women, and I must say that oval and round nail shapes have changed my life. My hands now look more feminine.

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I have slightly long nails, just to give the illusion that my fingers are longer. If you have short and slim fingers, then you probably have little hands.

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But for the optimum look, almond, oval and squoval nails would go perfectly with your short and slim fingers. Almond and oval shapes will give the illusion that your nails are longer, while the squoval shape will make them look wider and longer.

Nail salon 101: Our guide to Instagram-worthy nails

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NAIL IT: 101 Tips to Create Salon Perfect Nails

CBD products have become popular as a natural way to relieve pain, increase wellness, and promote relaxation. In this video, Paola Ponce demonstrates how to create nail extensions using Xtens nail tips.

We asked nail techs new to e-filing what it was like to learn this new skill. SpaRitual has partnered with Unplug Meditation to pair polish shades with guided meditations that can be accessed through an app during services. Robanda International. Robanda's Tropical Shine brand has introduced environmentally friendly Eco-Files.

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Reflexology can provide health and relaxation benefits for your pedicure clients, and it can increase your profits, too. Nail tech Melissa Finch explains how she adds this technique to pedicure services. For Students For Teachers and Schools. Read more about.