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Instead, think about adding panels of mirrors across the wall or on your closet doors. Mirrors can add depth to the room and make it look much more spacious and brighter. However, be careful do not use too many mirrors —you don't want to feel like you're living in a dance studio! The mirror height should be at least half the size of the wall or up to two-thirds of it at most.

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Paint Your Walls With Light Tones: Dark colors can make a room warmer and cozy, but at the same time they can also make it look smaller. But if your home feels too small, try painting your walls in lighter colors.

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  7. Embrace Glass Furniture: Glass furniture around the house create the illusion of a larger space, and they are ideal for small rooms that run the risk of looking too cluttered with standard wooden furniture. Despite our perception of glass as fragile and brittle, glass furniture is no less sturdy or reliable than classic wooden furniture. Buy Multi-Use Sofas: Your child's bedroom is also the room where they spend most of their time, either alone or with friends.

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    A sofa that opens up to a bed is a great option for the bedroom, as it frees up space when folded up during the day. This allows your child more room for play, and provides a clear distinction between sleep time and play time. After your child grows up, the room can be adapted into a small and intimate living room or a guest bedroom. Hang Light Curtains: Rooms filled with sunlight look larger and are naturally brighter without the use of artificial lighting.

    Invite natural light into the room by hanging thin and airy curtains your windows. Heavy curtains are more suited to places where we would like to completely prevent the penetration of light, such as your bedroom in the morning. Heavy curtains also run the risk of making the room look smaller when compared to thin and light curtains. In certain rooms in the home, such as the kitchen or living room, natural light can work wonders.

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    It provides a warmer and more inviting feeling to the room with the added bonus of giving it more visual space. Ensure Sufficient Artificial Light: After sunset, the way your house is lit by artificial light is the single most important factor in the overall feel of your home. Artificial light has the ability to make each room look large and welcoming or small, dark, and gloomy. There is a simple rule in interior design when it comes to lighting: The more light, the better. Your options when it comes to lighting fixtures are almost endless — chandeliers, standing lamps, or recessed wall lighting.

    The important thing is that you choose cohesive lighting in each room that suits your personal style and the overall design of the room.

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    4. Clean out the pantry: an overburdened kitchen can have serious implications for your physical health and your wallet! Not being aware of the items you never use can cost you thousands each year. Non-perishable food items found during the clean out can be donated to the your local food service.

      When doing a clear out with the kids, minimise storage space to encourage your children to be purposeful about what they want to keep. Toys can be given a new life and give to a child who might go without this year so wrap them up and show your youngsters how to give to those in need.

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      Drop them off at your local secondhand shop. You can actually hire out your tools to your neighbours — who might only need it once or for a short time — and earn a little bit of cash for your efforts. Share 5. Related Articles.