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Every Christian needs this book!

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But the mere fact that a book addresses a common issue does not by itself make that book worthwhile. If this book maybe compared to a house- Pastor Borgman carefully lays a sturdy theological foundation , then masterfully builds a useful and beautiful and practical structure that will give joy and comfort for years to come.

Drawing upon reliable guides such as Warfield, Edwards and Thomas Boston Borgman judiciously steers a wise course thru the minefields which await anyone who addresses this explosive subject. Borgman shows that he is both a sound theologian and a sensitive pastor, as he tackles some of the stickiest subjects , but always with grace and practicality. The Christian counselor, the pastor and the layman in the pew will all reap great benefit from this book.

Joy, anger, jealousy, hard-heartedness and depression are a few of the specific emotions he considers— all in the context of prayer, sound theology, Christian fellowship, biblical preaching and good reading habits. This is an important book and I highly recommend it. With the heart of a pastor, Brain Borgman offers an emotional life line that will stabilize your heart and support your faith.

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  8. Feelings and Faith needs to be in your personal library. I will return to it time and again—so will you! Are feelings an incredibly important part of your faith, giving you heartfelt ways to express love to God and others, or are they actually to be jettisoned from your faith, being perceived as something dangerous in your relationship to Christ? I know of no other book quite like it. All at once, it is Scriptural, wise, clear, pastoral, transparent, and compelling.

    This is a great resource for instance, for a pastor who desires help in skillfully shepherding his sheep. Even further, the principles in this work should prove to be of real, lasting value to any believer in Jesus who earnestly yearns to first grasp and then harness his or her own emotions within the context of a sensate culture that is quickly careening out of emotional control.

    Emotion is one of the least understood topics in our Bible studies and churches and this is a strong contribution to the discussion. I am thankful to have read and know others will also benefit from it. Authentic faith in the supreme, indomitable goodness of God in sending Jesus Christ as our substitute and redeemer necessarily transforms our feelings. The Holy Spirit awakens earnest love for others from a pure heart I Peter , joyful acceptance of loss Heb. Borgman clearly sets forth the foundational role of truth, unpacks a robust theology of Christian experience, and provides examples of how to mortify sinful emotions and cultivate godly ones.

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