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Drupal 7 Managing site performance and scalability. The best possible conference ticket price ends soon. Step up your Drupal game at DrupalCon Minneapolis Register today. Last updated on 10 February On the Production server, disable the Update Manager module. Enable it on the Development server after synchronizing the Development server with Production. If you are using a shared server, offload static files, images and videos to a CDN content delivery network. Submit your site to the W3C validator.

A valid HTML page is rendered faster than one with validation errors. A blog about software development best practices, how-tos, and tips from practitioners.

11 Tips to Speed Up Drupal Performance

Top 20 tips to improve Drupal performance By Clarion Tech. Considering the overwhelming response we received to that post, we have come up with this Part II of the series wherein we are sharing few more tips — 1. Turn on aggregation and enable compression which can instantly improve the site performance. Before removing any module, make sure that you disable it. On a shared hosting solution this is an excellent way to go as they often don't allow Varnish for example. Since this disabled it on every page load, I was thinking if there is a better way to disable it permanently.

Should spend some time on checking it out. Suggestions: Drupal back-end Enable caching in Performance section. Check Performance and Performance and Scalability Checklist modules. Disable unstable modules. Disable statistics. Disable dblog core module and replace with syslog. Disable Update Manager core module. Cron: Use Drupal's builtin cron, not poormanscron consider Elysia or Ultimate cron.

Views: Use cache for views at different layers database query, markup, time-based. Blocks: Use block caching if your view is a block per page, user, etc. Blocks: Consider tweaking cache settings per block by Block Cache Alter module. Entity: Enable Entity cache.

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When using multiple environments, consider missing module which can improve page load. Enable authenticated users page caching with Authcache module. Avoid redirects which slow down the user experience. Enhance cache invalidation by using Expire module. Use PHP profiling before production e. Use CSS Sprites for reducing the number of image requests. Use small images as inline data URIs in a stylesheet.

11 Tips To Speed Up Drupal Website Performance

Use Image maps to combine multiple images into a single image. Also consider using lazy images loading see: Image Lazyloader.

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  5. 20 ways to Improve Drupal Website Performance.

Install BigPipe module to reduce load times. Consider Lazy loading vs Lazy evaluation.

See: Browser Cache Usage - Exposed! Avoid inline. When referencing a JS, use either defer or async attributes. Minimize the number of iframes. Optimize images, fonts, CSS Sprites, make favicon small cacheable and reduce cookie size. Reduce the number of DOM elements and cache references to accessed elements. Make your pages load faster by using Fast module. Put stylesheets at the top and scripts at the bottom. Preload and Post-load components to take advantage of the time the browser is idle.

Sometimes splitting components across domains can maximize parallel downloads. Don't scale images in HTML and keep components under 25k. Use reverse proxy to debug your web requests e. Use Google PageSpeed tools to analyze and optimize your website. OpCache , APC and tweak settings. Database Check recommended database server settings for Drupal. Tweak your MySQL configuration by mysqltuner.

Server Check recommended system requirements for Drupal. Check recommended web server settings for Drupal.

Guide to Improving Frontend Performance in Drupal | OpenSense Labs

Check recommended PHP configuration settings for Drupal. Make sure the hosting is on fast storage devices e. Use dedicated fast reliable server as oppose to shared hosting. Install Redis or memcached with igbinary support and configure Drupal to use it. Define longer TTLs for search engines e. TTL of 24h avoids bots reaching the server. Reduce DNS Lookups make sure they're cached. High-traffic websites If you expect high load for your website, use Varnish. Consider also using CDN.

Vriens Sabih Sabih 21 2 2 bronze badges. Some guidelines for backend developers could be: 1 Clean up your watchdog table 2 Don't abuse the variable API 3 Make Fewer or Better HTTP Requests 4 Keep your "dot module" short When it comes to font-end and site builders much more can be achieve but it is important to take performance into consideration from every point of view. Krishna Mohan 5, 8 8 gold badges 23 23 silver badges 45 45 bronze badges. Here are the top things you can do for performance improvement: Site is serving mostly anonymous users: 1 Definitely install and configure APC, memcache and entitycache.

Site is serving mostly authenticated users: Optimizing such a site is more complex. Such sites fall in one of the two sub-categories for optimization purposes: a Most of the pages on the site are identical except 1 or 2 blocks that have user-specific information. Drupal Commons site.